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Athletics Day, We Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

img_1455  img_1459

Here we go…. Athletics day has arrived!  Can you spot me? I’m holding the South African flag. Then we also came together for a group photo with the Sackie Du Plooy MMC for Health & Social Development and Lizzy Vogel, president of SASA II.

img-20161022-wa00051 img-20161022-wa00061

Angie Raposo is our group’s chaperone. She is very nice, here she is explaining what is going to happen.

img_1448 img_1466

Long jump and shot put. Look at me…I’m going great!

img_1470 img_1473

100m. I had lots of competition and I knew I had to be fast. And even though I was the smallest I came 4th. I’m very proud of myself


Long jump I came 3rd. That’s a great achievement.

img_1477 img_1486

800m walk… look at all the walker’s.

I did so well, I only walked…wasn’t tempted to run, I walked all the way around and then again around the track. And I made it and I won in my age category….yeahh




Swimming Lessons

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Friday Kai and I receive swimming lessons. Swimming is one of my favorite things to do. I particularly like to dive and I can hold my breath for a very long time.

I’m also good at breast stroke, this leg movement comes very naturally to me. On the other hand, the dolphin movement is very difficult, I struggle to do this quick enough.

But really….swimming is great fun.

Swimming on a hot day

imag32461 imag32431

Don’t I deserve a rest of all the work? …I think so!  After all today we have 35degrees and I just have to jump into the pool. Our friends and neighbors have a great, big pool which is also heated with solar panels, so it is very pleasant.

Rutschka my favorite dog and I are watching the chickens. Rutschka would like to kill the chickens if she could but luckily for now they are safe.

Our stay in Cape Town


imag31661 imag31691

It is very hot in Cape Town and we need to urgently cool off. The day after the Athletics ended for us we going to the beach. Mami found this beach on Google that apparently is so quiet and doesn’t have a lot of people coming. And can you see…nobody but us are on this beautiful beach and it is a little in a bay so the see is calm. My mami doesn’t have to be scared that the waves are taking us out to see.

imag31841 imag31771

We are busy collecting see grass and shell’s, they look so beautiful. The water is ice cold but we have lots of fun and can enjoy this nice place for some hours. My mami said this place right after Simonstown.

imag31711 imag31931

After our beach time we drive up the coast to Kalkbay harbour. Doesn’t that look so like picture book? The sea lion’s also hang around there. There is a sign saying that the sea lions can be dangerous and I can see their teeth are very sharp. My mami is also a bit scared for me to fall into the water because I walk right at the edge of the pier and there is no barrier.

imag31991 imag32141

Of course we have to visit the Waterfront. I like it a lot, it is busy and there is a street entertainer who gives us a great show. We go to the 2 Oceans Aquarium which is also very interesting. In the one aquarium is a diver who cleans the big glass windows and then calls the little turtle which swims passed. He treats him like his pet, scratches his shell and plays with him. That turtle enjoys this a lot.


It’s time to head home. On our way we see baboon’s. Mami stopped the car for us to watch them for a while. It’s just always entertaining to watch monkeys play.


Again, driving through the dry Karoo. And we slept in Colesberg. Mami was saying ‘who wants to live in Colesberg, nothing happens here’. Well it took us again 2 days to get home and the road was pretty quiet. Glad to be home again and we all missed daddy.



…and now the National Athletics Games start!!!

imag31121 We arrive at 8 o’clock and for now we wait…

We attend the opening ceremony. Can you spot us? …we are the blue team. We are unfortunately only the group from our Sports Club. The rest of the Gauteng team who were supposed to come with the bus from Johannesburg were denied to participate. Gauteng’s excuse was that they don’t have money for this. So all the children preparing for this event are stranded and now can go back home.

img_1303 img_1306

img_1309 We are sitting in the hot sun getting thirsty…


Long Jump. Come Delphi stand in the row, you are next. No I’m not going to jump and that’s that. Leave me alone you don’t know how I feel right now.

I eventually jump twice but it’s to late… I’m disqualified.

img_1312 img_1323

Now I’m warmed up, next up is Shot Put… I like that. Look at me, I’m pushing this Shot Put like a champ. I win this discipline, yeah…I’m so proud.

img_1320 img_1325

Next up is 100m sprint. I run as fast as I can. I can do it and I know now I need to run fast. Sometimes at practice I just rather want to be silly but now I give everything…

I won the 100m as well…. yeah!!!  I feel great right now!!

The Beach……!!!!!

img_1329 img_1299

Here we are…. after all the driving we are at the beach!!!  It’s great and look at the view on Table Mountain. But the water is freezing and very rough. Only by putting our feet in the water we are wet from top to bottom. We are having so much fun right now….!!

Let’s go to Paarl


I don’t think Kai and myself are prepared for the road ahead. Right now we are just excited. Soon after this picture we fall asleep. We are driving the whole day and arrive in Beaufort West for a nights rest at around 6 o’clock.


The Karoo is very dry and the only thing we see are sheep and sometimes cows eating dry grass.


Almost there! Behind us is Paarl. Now we only have to go down the hill and then a little bit further to Durbanville where we have our Guest House.

imag31111 Look at the view from our Guest House….