Gone Hiking…


Today we are going to do hiking at the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve. It’s so nice and cool today. We want to try and spot the Zebra’s and Impala’s.

img_1975 img_1968

We spot the centipedes, when you touch them they curl up.

And then we spotted the zebras and the impalas. We were hiding in the bush but when they saw us they fled.


Mami said she wants a better picture of the animals, so we followed their spoors.

img_1982 img_1985 img_1984

Here are some impala prints. And here we are walking through the bush, watch out for those thorns. And yes… here we see the Zebras again but once again they run away from us.


It was great today in the bush, the scenery is beautiful and it’s just a very nice day out to get some fresh air and clear the head.

img_1976 img_1990 img_1993

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