MY BIRTHDAY!!!! ….I’m 12 now


Today is my Birthday and I’m turning 12. I’m so excited, I said to my mami that I want to go climbing on my birthday. So my mami booked for us to go to the climbing barn in Pretoria.

I said that I’m not scared but when I managed to get higher I got a little scared and I wanted to go down again. I need to take a little break and then try again. My brother Kai and my friend Connor also come and climb so when they climbing I can have a break.

The next climb is already going much better… look at me!!!! …..step by step….reaching for the top.


imag3773              imag3744

I’m reaching the top 😉                                     My friend Connor

imag3798 img_1914

Kai is doing very well. He is planning ahead looking out for the rocks to hold on to. But like all of us, he also got tired…

It was a super day and to round it all up we had burger and chips at the Spur… my favorite restaurant.

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