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I wake up early in the morning, it is a miserable day so it seems to be dark still and I sit down on the couch and look at the presents. The Christmas tree is flickering with lights and I see Santa has been to deliver our presents. He ate the biscuit and drank the milk and when I think about him having been in the house I get excited.

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Later in the afternoon we get visitors. Jayden and EJ with their parents and Connor with his parents and his granny. There is a whole lot of food, it looks like we are feeding an army. A turkey, chicken, gammon, tuna, salads, fried rice, potato and for desert Ice cream, chocolate mousse, biscuits and chocolate truffels.


We had a great day of fun, playing with all the friends, unwrapping presents and staying up late.

MY BIRTHDAY!!!! ….I’m 12 now


Today is my Birthday and I’m turning 12. I’m so excited, I said to my mami that I want to go climbing on my birthday. So my mami booked for us to go to the climbing barn in Pretoria.

I said that I’m not scared but when I managed to get higher I got a little scared and I wanted to go down again. I need to take a little break and then try again. My brother Kai and my friend Connor also come and climb so when they climbing I can have a break.

The next climb is already going much better… look at me!!!! …..step by step….reaching for the top.


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I’m reaching the top 😉                                     My friend Connor

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Kai is doing very well. He is planning ahead looking out for the rocks to hold on to. But like all of us, he also got tired…

It was a super day and to round it all up we had burger and chips at the Spur… my favorite restaurant.

Making a bracelet


I have to choose the colour of the thread and the beads I want to use.


Then comes the complicated twisting and turning of the thread…wow it is a little hard to make it look nice…really.


But it’s coming right and I’m proud of the outcome…..


Vaal River Adventure


That is quite something… out for a weekend to the Vaal River…. 1.5 hours from home.

We are going out on a boat ride with the whole crew. Getting ready for a swim… I’m to scared to go in the river, the water is brown and really, really deep. Kai is swimming with his friend Kai but they keep the life vest on because the river is deep.

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After a lot of negotiations from my mom and dad I’m going into the water but I hang on to daddy as if my life depends on it… I guess that’s how I really feel about it….