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Practice today was hard…


Practice today was very strict today…. If I like it? …In a way I don’t like it and I try my tricks to try and calm everyone down a little. On the other hand, I need some direction otherwise I might go out of hand.

img_1590 img_1594

Kai also joined practice today, he always motivates me by just being there.

img_1597 img_1599

Time for some Cricket…..

img_15461 img_15481

Today is also fresh outside, I can’t believe how cold it is today considering the heat we had yesterday. So I suppose we can do some sporting activities without to much sweat…..

Kai is pretty good a cricket, he can actually hit the ball…

img_15621 img_15631

I always try when we play cricket but I must say it’s not one of my strength. But I do look cool don’t I……

My brothers Karate Camp


img_1530 img_1529

My brother Kai has his first karate camp on Saturday. Kai and his friend are the only 2 preschooler’s at the camp. Senpai Angelique said that they invited them because they are so determined. So Kai spent the whole day at the karate and I could see that he was getting tired of the constant activities. At 3 o’clock they started with the grading. That’s when all the students stand in rows and do Kata according to the commands the Sensei gives. That was taking a long time.

imag34981 imag35011

My brother made the squad team                       ……and he received two blue stripes


Getting back to practicing Athletics

img_1229 img_1232

After our Athletics Day on the 22nd of October, we allowed ourselves a weeks rest from practice. And also my mami said that we won’t practice 4 times a week until Christmas. It takes a lot of time from my mami. Next year we will get more serious again with practice.

But today we did some nice jumping. Height allows me to gain distance….