Our stay in Cape Town


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It is very hot in Cape Town and we need to urgently cool off. The day after the Athletics ended for us we going to the beach. Mami found this beach on Google that apparently is so quiet and doesn’t have a lot of people coming. And can you see…nobody but us are on this beautiful beach and it is a little in a bay so the see is calm. My mami doesn’t have to be scared that the waves are taking us out to see.

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We are busy collecting see grass and shell’s, they look so beautiful. The water is ice cold but we have lots of fun and can enjoy this nice place for some hours. My mami said this place right after Simonstown.

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After our beach time we drive up the coast to Kalkbay harbour. Doesn’t that look so like picture book? The sea lion’s also hang around there. There is a sign saying that the sea lions can be dangerous and I can see their teeth are very sharp. My mami is also a bit scared for me to fall into the water because I walk right at the edge of the pier and there is no barrier.

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Of course we have to visit the Waterfront. I like it a lot, it is busy and there is a street entertainer who gives us a great show. We go to the 2 Oceans Aquarium which is also very interesting. In the one aquarium is a diver who cleans the big glass windows and then calls the little turtle which swims passed. He treats him like his pet, scratches his shell and plays with him. That turtle enjoys this a lot.


It’s time to head home. On our way we see baboon’s. Mami stopped the car for us to watch them for a while. It’s just always entertaining to watch monkeys play.


Again, driving through the dry Karoo. And we slept in Colesberg. Mami was saying ‘who wants to live in Colesberg, nothing happens here’. Well it took us again 2 days to get home and the road was pretty quiet. Glad to be home again and we all missed daddy.



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