…and now the National Athletics Games start!!!

imag31121 We arrive at 8 o’clock and for now we wait…

We attend the opening ceremony. Can you spot us? …we are the blue team. We are unfortunately only the group from our Sports Club. The rest of the Gauteng team who were supposed to come with the bus from Johannesburg were denied to participate. Gauteng’s excuse was that they don’t have money for this. So all the children preparing for this event are stranded and now can go back home.

img_1303 img_1306

img_1309 We are sitting in the hot sun getting thirsty…


Long Jump. Come Delphi stand in the row, you are next. No I’m not going to jump and that’s that. Leave me alone you don’t know how I feel right now.

I eventually jump twice but it’s to late… I’m disqualified.

img_1312 img_1323

Now I’m warmed up, next up is Shot Put… I like that. Look at me, I’m pushing this Shot Put like a champ. I win this discipline, yeah…I’m so proud.

img_1320 img_1325

Next up is 100m sprint. I run as fast as I can. I can do it and I know now I need to run fast. Sometimes at practice I just rather want to be silly but now I give everything…

I won the 100m as well…. yeah!!!  I feel great right now!!

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