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Last day of practice before Paarl

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This is my last day of practice before we are heading off to Cape Town. Even though I know how to push the shot put, my technique is actually pretty good. I just struggle to get it far enough because I don’t have so much body mass, so the power is missing a little. Coach Wicus put a chair at a reasonable distance and so I tried to through it over the chair.

I also have issues with long jump. When I have to jump off at the plank I think the distance from the plank to the sand is to far and I over step the plank. And all the practice isn’t really helping a lot. My mami is trying to make me understand that I will definitely reach the sand but I don’t want to listen.

Practice, practice, practice……


Now that I have been selected to go to Paarl for the Athletics Games I better practice every day. There is actually still a lot I need to learn so I better pull my socks up and concentrate. My mom always says ‘Delphi please listen to coach and concentrate on what you are doing’. Sometimes I just want to be silly and then my mom is not happy with me.

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October Fest at Deutsche Schule Pretoria


Since my brother Kai is going to the German School in Pretoria, we always go to the October Fest which is held in September. I love all the activities. This year I was doing some horse riding, riding in a boat, going around in a train and sitting on a bull. Mami and daddy where drinking beer and we had the famous bretzels which I like very much. Kai met a lot of his friends from school which was also nice as I also know them. At the end of the day we participated on the lantern walk where we walk down to the sports fields with our lanterns and it’s already dark

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Swimming Lessons

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With all the athletics happening I mustn’t forget my swimming lessons. I love swimming, I sometimes feel like a dolphin. I especially like to dive. I just need to still work hard on my strokes as they are not all that good yet and my fitness is somewhat lacking.

Yeah…I have been selected for the National Athletics Games in Paarl


Can you believe it, I was one of those who were selected to go to the South African Games in Athletics which will be held in Paarl, organized by the South African Sports Association Intellectual Impaired . I’m competing in the category ‘Down Syndrome Girls under 13’ where I was selected for 100m, Long Jump and Shot Put.

I don’t think that I quite understand what that means. I don’t know how many athletes are coming.